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Do you often wonder which of your nomad friends are currently at your next travel destination?

For digital nomads moving around a lot, most want to know who is going to be in the same place so they can connect with other nomads. This new lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular as more people want to make the best out of their lives.

Traveling, making new friends from around the world, having amazing experiences, creating lasting memories, working under a palm tree, and living life on your own terms with complete freedom to move on whenever you want to the next place. This is the best life!

But if you are traveling as a full-time nomad, then the flip side of the coin can quickly become apparent.
Many newcomers travel far too quickly, especially at the beginning. Sure, there is also a lot to discover. There is also enough cash in your account - so first get on the move and explore the world!
If you travel quickly, there is little routine. Every place is new and exciting.

But you also have to get your bearings first! This can take a while and be a lot of logistics before you can settle into your new destination. You probably want to get back to being productive with work as quick as possible.

Where can I get good and cheap accommodation, where are free coworking places, where can I find decent wifi and a quiet working atmosphere and get some work done without becoming a member of a commercial coworking space and paying a monthly fee?

Once you get settled in and have the basics covered, you might want to connect with other digital nomads to network, share ideas and travel stories, make friends, and start to feel like part of the community there.

So many different websites, apps and platforms to orient yourself locally!

There are cities like Lisbon, where you can find a lot of events for digital nomads on Meetup. In other cities, like Chiang Mai, Meetup is almost never used. Instead, you have to search through thousands of Facebook groups, join them, wait to be accepted, then read through so many posts, post your own questions — it can be time consuming and overwhelming with so much information on the groups.

If you go to rural areas, you will most likely not find many or any people on the common platforms.

That’s exactly what happened to me while driving my camper van in the south of Portugal in summer. There were families and tourists everywhere, but digital nomads? No idea!

Then I thought how cool it would be if you could spot other digital nomads on an app and get in touch with them.

The idea for Nomad Radar was born!

This is how Nomad Radar makes it easy for you. You see who is near you, you can message other nomads directly via the chat, network with them or plan to meet. You can connect with people on it and choose to set the map so it displays only your friends.
The map can be zoomed out as desired and set to other cities. So you can always see who is at your next travel destination!

Community events on Nomad Radar

My whole life I have loved networking and socializing with others. Spoiled by Lisbon, where I spent the last two summers in a row and got to appreciate the community there, I didn’t really find what I was looking for in Tbilisi, Georgia. At least on Meetup, there was no digital nomad community.

Then I thought, why not just start one and organize events myself? Do I have to spend around 10 bucks per month just to start a new group?

It has to be easier and, above all, I had the idea, similar to the Couchsurfing App, to bring community events for digital nomads onto Nomad Radar. Everyone should have the opportunity to create their own events.

The 3rd map view on Nomad Radar was born.

I also had the idea of official Nomad Radar events to take place regularly, preferably weekly, similar to what I found in other cities and communities.

That’s why I hope to get interest and involvement from nomads who like to organize meet-ups wherever they are in the world. Everyone can apply as a so-called ambassador to create such events.

Quality coworking cafes on Nomad Radar

Most digital nomads have to work at some point during their travels.

I often prefer a mix of working from home for a couple of hours and then going to some nearby cafe in the afternoon to get the last few hours done while enjoying a delicious coffee.

But I’ve often only been in a city for a few days and don’t know where to go for a good work space. Conventional coworking places do not always offer a day pass and when they do, they are often quite expensive.

I once had the most expensive day pass in Malaga, Spain, where I absolutely needed a quiet place with good internet for a video call and finally had to pay over 30 bucks.

You may know the Workfrom mobile app? There are quite a few cafes on it, but unfortunately they often don’t seem to be ideal for working. Many cafes lack pictures or information about the availability of power outlets or the quality of the wifi etc.

For this reason, I wanted to give the digital nomad community an opportunity to share coworking cafes on Nomad Radar, but only those which are really good for working.

Therefore you will only find top coworking cafes on the Nomad Radar. Each listing has information about available seats, the noise level, the availability of power outlets and the quality of the WiFi, including a speed test.

Expand your business opportunities using the Skill Finder on Nomad Radar

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and would you like to work with a startup investing your time and energy for shares in hopes that it will be successful in the future?

Many nomads I’ve met have that certain spirit and a lot of business ideas.

But how do you find collaborators who are also passionate about an idea and would like to get started on a business adventure?
For this very purpose, every digital nomad can save their skills on Nomad Radar and make them visible to others, as well as use the Skill-Finder to search for any skills.

Are you still a beginner as a nomad and looking for mentors or coaches who will support and help you to achieve your desired lifestyle?

The Skill-Finder offers you special skill rubrics especially for this, which should help beginners get oriented when starting a nomad life.

Whether you are an experienced nomad or a total beginner, take advantage of the opportunities that the Nomad Radar app gives you and be excited for cool upcoming features!

Download the free Nomad Radar mobile app and join the social community for digital nomads!

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